Businesses Other than Golf Courses That Benefit from a Golf Cart

When you think “golf cart,” you likely also think “golf course.” However, carts aren’t limited to use on a golf course, as important as they may be on the green. Many types of businesses benefit from a cart because it makes transporting both clients and employees a breeze. Consider buying a golf cart for your business if your building or the grounds covers a large area.

Where to Buy

With Blockbuster Golf Cars Inc., you can buy a new or used cart or even rent a golf cart to start to see how you like using it at the business before you commit to buying one and becoming responsible for the maintenance costs. Luckily, once you do buy, you have easy, round-the-clock access to all the parts you need to keep your carts running smoothly online. Talk to a sales representative about choosing the best cart for your business’ needs.

Warehouses and Factories

The larger your warehouse or factory, the longer it takes to get from one end to the other. When people from the offices are coming out to speak with people on the floor or vice versa, it takes up quite a bit of time in the workday for them to get from Point A to Point B. With a golf cart on the premises, communicating with different departments, getting to the site of an accident quickly and surveying the large warehouse or factory becomes a far simpler task.

Airports and Other Transportation Hubs

Golf carts at transportation hubs such as airports and train stations make it so that maintenance staff and supervisors can quickly get to where they’re needed. In some instances, you can offer a golf cart lift to customers in a rush to catch their connecting flight or train as a courtesy or even a paid service.


Universities and large grade school campuses will benefit from having golf carts on the premise for staff. Janitorial and security especially can use the carts to get to their next job or to patrol the campus. Students might also appreciate a service that takes them from the dorm to the classrooms and back.

A golf cart impresses people. Clients and potential investors will appreciate not having to walk great distances to tour your company and will be able to talk notes or record things as necessary while being driven around. Employees will also get around faster, addressing problems that come up at a much faster pace. Try a golf cart at your business today.