Kentucky Lake KY Fishing Reports, Map & Hot Spots

Barkley Lake is a little more durable fishing for crappie than Kentucky Lake, though the numbers of crappie are good. You can anticipate this to be a very memorable year for Lake Barkley crappie. Consecutive good 12 months figure skating store courses have created a wonderful fishery for both black and white crappie. Many fishermen are changing ways, casting or trolling light jigs and roadrunners yr-around.

Attention anglers, If you fish this water body and would like to contribute your data to the fishing report give me a name at 785-246-4514. Thanks! Using a 5 arm, or 3 arm rig and a number of baits, you’ll be able to enhance your possibilities figure skates of hooking-up with multiple fish, not to mention trophy class bass. It shouldn’t be uncommon to catch two or more bass in a single cast with the Alabama Rig.

Anglers have been catching a number of walleye alongside the river channel on the lower finish of the reservoir and off the primary lake points near Walnut Creek and along the state park shoreline utilizing plastic swim baits and Jigging Raps. The walleye have also moved to the dam in preparation for the annual spawn and anglers have began fishing the dam after dark. Catches have been minimal to this point, however should choose up because the spawn progresses. Floating rapalas are the lure of alternative for the sort of angling.

Approximately 2 miles north on the western financial institution you’ll find Cypress Bay, a large physique of water that offers many areas to fish. It has quite a few bluffs, factors and pockets and often produces some giant fish. Travel another 7 or eight miles further north and you can see the Blood River, a huge physique of water that fishes like a lake of its personal, many tournaments have been won from this area. Continue north another 10 miles or so and the Ken Lake marina will be on the west bank simply before crossing below the 68 bridge and gives at times some great fishing.

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