In the early days of Marketing, the Marketers were close knit. They worked together to focus their marketing efforts.

Today, however, the marketers who go into marketing are not working together but rather they are isolated and are more interested in their individual goals and successes. And what happens when that happens?

What then happens to an efficient marketer when the person is not co-ordinated and when there is no co-ordination? When marketers are not talking to each other they are just beginning.

Co-ordination is something that cannot be taken for granted. It is a necessity and one must work very hard to attain it. And as long as the marketers do not work together there will be no real co-ordination.

So, what do you do when you find your marketing plan no longer co-ordinates? You must continue to communicate and learn from one another.

If you have been going into marketing without talking to each other, you are really missing out on what Marketing Experts are talking about. Why?

Because there is no joint effort on Marketing. Just as there is no joint effort in any other arena of life, Marketing is different.

Some Marketing Experts says that the main reason why the Marketing process fails is because the leaders do not communicate. The leaders are not talking to each other, they are just trying to throw out ideas in order to keep themselves from feeling overwhelmed.

It is a tough task for a Marketing Expert to learn new Marketing. But once they are experienced enough, they are able to take the information and implement it, one step at a time.

But the only way to get experienced enough is to work and grow. And only once you have experience enough you can put your knowledge to work for you.

Marketing is not rocket science. There is no theory of Marketing and just like any other science, it has to be verified by experiments.