A very common question you will receive when working with search engine optimization is, “How do I know what the best click through rate for my web site is?” In this article I am going to answer that question, and give you some good guidelines for establishing your own PPC campaigns.

PPC Campaigns

What I have found is that the answer to this question is not so much a secret as much as it is a complicated science. The fact of the matter is that the better your PPC campaign the more likely you are to drive quality traffic back to your site. When you drive traffic to your website, you increase the likelihood that people will click on your ad, thereby increasing your CTR.

The more clicks you drive to your ad, the more you get paid per click, and the higher the click through rate you attain, the more likely it is that you will get more sales. So how do you establish a successful PPC campaign?

The way to go about it is to approach your PPC campaign in the same way you would approach any other marketing campaign. This means you need to define your competition, develop an ad that fits the competition, and create the ad itself. Once you have this fully worked out then you can begin building your PPC campaign and begin to get ready to start driving traffic to your site.

The way that I recommend approaching PPC marketing is to use a static HTML link, either in your home page or at the top of your page. At the top of your home page simply put the following text. “Coming Soon”. This is a type of teaser link that is usually displayed before a product is launched, in order to let customers decide if they want to purchase the product.

With this type of link, the first page of Google’s search results will not display the keyword ‘PPC’, which is why Google AdWords will show up at the top of your home page instead. This is important because you need to get your home page listed as a result of the search for your keywords.

Google AdWords

The second step is to create a landing page set up for your Google AdWords campaign. In order to make it easy to click through to your home page, Google AdWords recommends creating a page set that looks like it was just built by a single person. There should be a call to action for customers to visit your landing page, which is exactly what you want.

The third step is to come up with a unique headline for your Google AdWords landing page. There is no doubt that the headline is one of the most important elements of a website; you want the headline to catch the attention of your customers and persuade them to click on your landing page.

The fourth step is to research your competition, both your competitors and your own home page, in order to determine which keywords they use and how they are placing their ads. You will want to do this on your own without using Google AdWords. However, I strongly recommend doing this at least once.

Once you have done this research, you are ready to create your own ad for Google AdWords. You should use your keyword research information and you will need to make sure that your ad is keyword rich and will help your competition.

Now that you know the basics of how to determine the best PPC campaign for your website you will want to continue to work on improving your marketing efforts and increasing your CTR. You will also want to look into Google AdWords advertising, which can dramatically improve your conversion rates.